Improving individual and community health and well-being through evaluation and intervention services.



At ORI Community and Evaluation Services, our mission is to improve individual and community health and well-being through providing evaluation and intervention services. To accomplish this mission, we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion is more than a statement or a goal. It is the lens we focus on in every decision we make. Systemic racism remains pervasive in America, and manifests in racial and ethnic group inequalities in physical and mental health. At ORI Community and Evaluation Services, we are dedicated to broadening our representation of scientists and the community by building an organization that attracts and leverages diversity in our staff, and strives for respect, inclusion, and authenticity throughout our workplace and in the communities we serve. We must change the paradigm to include historically underrepresented groups. In order to achieve these goals, we must work to:

  • Identify and dismantle any racist or discriminatory internal policies and practices
  • Critique perspectives that may perpetuate inequity by ignoring or reinforcing practices and systems that sustain it;
  • Understand the dynamics of privilege and power;
  • Support and center minoritized individuals in research, both as staff and participants;
  • Continue to challenge microaggressions when observed and strive to become comfortable with the discomfort of these discussions; and
  • Work to create a culture and norms that embody the values we strive to achieve.